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How blissful is the innate desire to win. How ignorant of us! We, satisfied by our blunt rage, fail to understand the fragility of our emotions. We may feel powerful, in control, radical dare I say, but we are nothing but an organism bound by the rules of nature and dictated by our own fictions. We surrender to the popular oath, give up our intimacy to belong and suffer an incomprehensible death over the suspicions of failure.

We are classics, parodies of ourselves.

Ignorance is bliss and we justify it ever so cunningly, ever so politely. This illusion is a protection and we, bound by our oath to protect whats real, has lead us to this moment. In the deepest of our hearts, the darkest of our corners, we are dying an eternal, slow and painful death.

We are fulfilling the demands of the demon staying locked within the atrocities of a body. We are evil. There’s nothing wrong in being like that though but how we label whats right and whats not is joylessly a subject to our limitations as a breathing, thinking being.

I am more ignited by how people can command over themselves a subtle but strong leash. They keep themselves aligned with their fictions. I wonder the strength.

Is ignorance the real strength I may ask. But who am I who asks and whom am I even asking.

The point is sometimes it takes some form of courage to accept the flaws in us. It takes real “men” to withstand the blunt convention of giving up.

To persevere is to be human.

Perseverance to what? To be wilful of acceptance? To be grateful of how many lessons there remain to be learned? To understand how ignorant we truly are?

The moment it transforms from a journey to acclaim the divine to just about the journey itself, we may find ourselves a little aligned with the Gods themselves.

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